Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fall experiences in the classroom

 1:Children were enjoying pouring the pine cone from one tray to another bamboo trays and counting home many pine cone were shifting ?
 2:Another child was helping how to count accurately to his peer.
 3:M  was telling F ,I have more pine cones .
4: F said I found a big leaf -that is is yellow too.
5:They were not only counting or pouring the pine cones,they were also experiencing the texture of the dried maple leaves-how they were making sounds while they were playing with the natural objects .

Comment :We collected some multicolored maple leaves and pine cones from our neighborhood to fill our sensory table. The last two months children  already observed lots of brown and black Caterpillars,lady bugs, and earthworms  when they went outside with the teachers.This November , when they come to the school ,they were observing the leaves on the ground .We decided to pick the  maple leaves and pine cones for them .Children were observing the colors, textures of the leave, sand,and pine cones.Also sensing and comparing the differences between them  .We provided  bamboo tray and basket which gave  opportunity to count share and interact with each other . Some children were interested to know the name of the part of  the leaves,some of them were counting how many cones they collected .They were enjoying while they were playing with each other .

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